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The Big Thank You

In light of recent events across the globe and a meeting of minds with a current client, we together divised the The Big Thank You as a love letter to our local NHS for all their hard work. A garment with a dual purpose, to be worn with pride whilst also raising vital funds for the NHS.

Each sale generates a £10 donation and as we type this we are currently in a position to donate £1700 within a few days of the project going live.

Being a project designed to help our local services, we took landmarks and sights that we all hold dear in our region and repurposed them to spell out Thank You.

Big thanks go out to The Slipway Group, who were instrumental in the concept of this project and also Workwear Express  who's generosity has enabled us to make even greater donations per item than we first envisaged.

Available here in a range of colours and sizes including Childrens sizes.

Alongside the T Shirts, there's also a downloadable poster for your children to colour and pop in their windows to further show your support for our local NHS heroes in these testing times. Please click here to download yours :)

Please tag us in any T shirt or poster pictures you post on Instagram, we'd love to see them! @we_are_walt   @wearepeoplebar

A Big Thank You from us for getting onboard.


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